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with Christine Hensley


Friends and Business men and women that Christine has come to like and trust and is excied to share with you.

813.352.3295 |

Donnie Shiflet owns Haylock Mechanical and is an HVAC Contractor. He also does it all when it comes to air conditioning. If you want to know whether to repair or replace the AC Unit, he's someone I trust to give the best advice.  

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

813.385.3219 |

Jon Conroy owns Capstone Facility Services and he is amazing at cleaning carpets, floors, upholstery, etc. He and his team are the best and you can learn more about them here, or just call him. 

Cleaning Services

813.449.3742 |

Sonia is an amaingly hardworking mother of two and business woman. She and her cleaning crew can handle both residential and commercial cleanings. They do deep cleans and maintenance cleans. If you have not had her clean for you, then you don't know how clean your house can get. 


813.470.8078 |

Jim Harden is our Captain Electrix (Arg!). He's worked on huge commercial building projects and residential homes. He's contracted overseas installations for the government and he walks old ladies across the street. He's pretty amazing and he knows his stuff. 

Flooring Suppliers

813.628.9630 |

Mike Solmonson is the flooring expert. He has been in the business for over twenty years, and that's hard to find anywhere in any industry these days. He has an impeccable work ethic and holds his teams to the same standards. If you need flooring, talk to him for a free quote. 



Gordon Cazella is not just a handyman, he's THE handyman. Big or small, he does it all and he does excellent work. Measure twice, cut once...but no cutting corners. He's awesome. 

Interior Designer

813.309.5299 |

Karen Lameier is brilliant. She once worked for the military adjusting flight simulators and now she flies solo doing what she loves to do. And she's really good at it too. Have space and you don't know what to do with it? Call her. 

Inspector Home/Commercial

813.927.4250 |

Riley is one of the finest men I know. He is always there in a pinch and he is so thorough and honest. It's no surprise that he's helped so many save money on their insurance premiums by having inspections.

Junk Removal & Hauling

813.333.3601 |

JR Carrasquillo is a family man with a heart of gold. He will show up, pick it up, pack it up, haul it off and he's always ready for more. Whatever you need hauled off, give him a call. 

Lawn Maintenance

813.781.7747 |

Alan Capell is an honest, hardoworking military veteran with an  engineer level intelligence that he once used to handle nuclear submarines. He now owns his own business handling outdoor services and lawn maintenance. 

813.961-3900 |

Jane Floyd is a top producing branch manager with NFM Lending. She has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Jane attributes her success to her core values: honesty, integrity, exceeding customer expectations, and teamwork.

727.224.7948 |

Raphael Lozano owns Liberty Paint & Techniques and he and his team are excellent. He prides himself on accurately quoting, staying within budget, and hitting deadlines. If you have Raphael handle your painting needs, you're in good hands. 

Property Manager

813.230.4091 |

Maria Elena D'Amico handles the difficulties of home ownership and rental properties so that you don't have to. She will handle everything from finding tenants to evicting them when necessary. She's truly the best. 

Pest Control

813.438.0558 |

David Pearson is one of the most honest men I know. He is hardworking and I've known Dave since he started his business. I've watched him grow over the years into what it is now. 


813.298.6638 |

David Albaugh is the plumber in our trusted BNI group. I have known him for several years. If there's one thing you can count on, it's that Dave will do it right. Nothing gets "rigged."

Tree Care Service


Jeremiah Severino really cares about the trees. If you need a tree trimmed, or bushes pruned, or new trees planted, or dying trees revived, he's the one you can count on. 

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Rick Hewett

Riverview, FL

Christine took extraordinary measures, uncommon among her peers, in order to sell our high-end Tampa, FL home in one of the hardest hit real estate markets in the United States. She got the job done and was available around the clock. I would recommend her again without question.





132 E Bloomingdale Ave Brandon, FL 33511

Phone: 813-503-7732


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